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Stefan Szczesny (1951)

Stefan Szczesny (born on the 9th of April 1951 in Munich) is an European and international painter, draughtsman and sculptor. After studying successively in Paris and at the Villa Romana in Florence, he came back to Germany where he organized the first exhibition “Rundschau Deutschland” in Munich and Cologne in 1981 and founded, with other figurative artists, the “Neue Wilde” movement which marks the return of figurative art inspired mostly by “The Fauves”. In 1994, Szczcesny moved to New York and then founded the Szczcesny Factory in 1996. In the middle of the 1990’s, he relocated his Studio on the Mustique Island. The Caribbean and tropical environment incarnates for the artist the continuity of the Mediterranean spirit and “way of life” and inspires his work which becomes even more opulent, sensual, colorful and radiant. Travelling all around the world, taking part to numerous and famous exhibitions, Stefan Szczesny moved in 2001 to Saint-Tropez where he lives and works in his Atelier. has Galerie Hans Barlach catalog available on this artist.

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