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René Korten (1957)

René Korten paints his canvases in various directions with solid surfaces, in layers on top of each other and in transparent colours. Spontaneous, but flowing and energetic movements on -recently- a smooth MDF surface characterize his working process. The transparent layers of paint dominate and move with its fluid property to a new reality.

These landscape-like paintings balance between abstraction and figuration. The resulting spatial image is the result of a competition in his painting process, which Korten himself calls “Darwinism in the paint.” Korten thus proves the paint’s survival power.

A finished painting retains its vitality because of its potential to flow further into other forms or to take on new images. There is actually no beginning and no end. The image is soft in the atmosphere and at the same time powerful in composition. Because of the abstraction, René Korten leaves much room for freedom of ideas and interpretations. There are no dogmas in form or law; everything is open to all kinds of observations. His painting is a search for connection with the outside world. has the Diver’s Eye book by Korten ow available.

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