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Walter Nikkels (1940)

Walter Nikkels

It must have been in the late Eighties when i met briefly with Walter Nikkels. Rudi Fuchs had just started his directorship at the Haags Gemeentemuseum and Nikkels was introduced to me. I had known his book designs from the catalogues he designed for the van Abbemuseum and at one time , before Gracia Lebbinks was starting her work for the Gemeentemuseum, NIkkels was asked what he could do for the Museum. Not much because at that time he had too much work, so Gracia Lebbink started her work for the Gemeentemuseum with the Kounellis catalogue ( available at with one exception at the introduction and opening of the Paleis Lange Voorhout Museum, Donald Judd designed the floors and Walter Nikkels designed two office desks that were in use for some 5 years. Over a period of 30 years now i have been collecting his book designs and i want to share the ones he made for the KONINKLIJKE SUBSIDIE VOOR VRIJE SCHILDERKUNST/ KONINKLIJK PALEIS AMSTERDAM. Book design, executed to perfection and now available at

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