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Krijn Giezen (1939-2011)

Krijn Giezen

Time for a blog on Krijn Giezen. An artist who deserves not to be forgotten,

His latest show at the GEM museum in Den Haag was not the success it deserved to be. but here is an artist who’s ideas are still there and have been executed over the last 4 decades in several prestigious places in the Netherlands. There is this impressive staircase at the Kroller Muller museum , but others like the making visible of the source of the

Haagse Beek are also there without being known by the public. An interesting artist who works are there but not known, what can one do about it? Raising an interest in his works is one, making his publications is 2, but the best way to make this artist appreciated by a largeraudiences is making a large retrospective.

Let’s hope a young curator in the Netherlands will embrace the idea. has some Giezen publications available.

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