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Simon Adjiashvili

Simon Adjiashvili

Simon Adjiashvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. He received his MFA from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Simon Adjiashvili had first solo exhibition in Europe in 1993 at Group 2 Gallery, Brussels.

Since then he had international solo and group shows at galleries and museums, including M.L. de Boer Gallery, Gallery Borzo, Amsterdam; Francis van hoof Gallery, Antwerp; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan. 

He reinvents Chiaroscuro Tradition in the Contemporary Painting, working with light, space and their mutual fragmentation on the border of recognition and memory.

The main themes of his recent works are rooms, doorways, staircases and other architectural fragments. has the van Hoof exhibition catalogue from 1996 now available.

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