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Erwin Eisch (1927-2022)

Erwin Eisch

Erwin Eisch, a pioneer of the international Studio Glass movement, has helped establish the medium in Europe. His distinctively distorted glass vessels and imaginative sculptures of mould-blown glass challenge the distinctions between art forms and between realism and abstraction. Eisch began with functional vessels, including bottles, vases and steins, often distorting the hot glass, incorporating ceramic moulds and producing painted glass sculptures. Eisch uses glass, painting, drawing and printed graphics to overcome the borders between picture and sculpture. His later output includes drawings, paintings and prints. Eischs works incorporate vivid elements of imagination and fantasy, which supplement the reality that inspires him. This book includes essays, contributions by experts on his work, more than one hundred illustrations of Eischs work, and selected writings by the artist himself.

The book which is now available at is one of the earliest publications on this artist.

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