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Herman de Vries / ROSA DAMASCENA

Herman de Vries

Those who have been lucky enough to view the Herman de Vries exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam in 2014, know about the impressive room with the floor covered with rosebuds. This is one of the most iconic IN SITU works I have ever witnessed. The walls covered with framed dried plants and the floor covered with rosebuds made the room feel like a magical place. After the exhibition the room was cleared and the rosebuds were transformed into 325 + XXXI multiples and sold. This was the third time the rosebud covered floor was transformed into a multiple. The first was in 1984 ( edition of 25 copies), the second time in 1990 ( edition of 100) both published by the Eschenau Summer press and the third, which I have now available at, in 2015 . I love the works by Herman de Vries and the future will learn that his works and projects will belong to the most significant art projects in the world of art.

The ROSA DAMASCENA edition is now available at

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