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Frank Fischer (1974)

Frank Fischer

Frank Fischer is an artist who was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and now lives and works in The Hague, Holland. Fischer makes ultra-glossy linear artworks on an aluminium surface. The artworks are inspired by real masterpieces by world famous artists.

He uses the image of such a masterpiece to edit it on the computer and to stretch the image. What remains of the image is a kind of bar code where only the colour of the existing artwork can be recognised. Frank Fischer uses this barcode to create his own artwork by dripping down glossy paint, drop by drop, colour after colour.

This process is incredibly precise and time consuming, especially since the end of the top and bottom need much time to dry. When they are dried the ends look like stalactites of colour.

Recently he devoted a series to the paintings of the Mauritshuis. The series was executed in his new The Hague studio and exhibited at gallery Project 20

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