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Jits Bakker (1937-2014)

Jits Bakker and Johan Cruijff

Many dutch and almost all soccer fans worldwide know the name of Johan Cruijff. In the mid seventies Jits Bakker made an action sculpture of Johan Cruijff which has become quite famous among soccer fans and art lovers alike. But beside this sculpture the works of Jits Bakker are so much more. They have one quality in common…..these all show action and movement, making these recognizable. Dancers. musicians, cyclist all are depicted in action and none static nor posing. . Jits Bakker knew how to express himself in bronze, making him , together with Kees Verkade , one of the dutch sculptures whose quality is recognised by many art collector.

The JIts Bakker published BEWEGING BETRAPT IN BRONS is now available at

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