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Lisette Verkerk (1973)

Lisette Verkerk

This is something i did not expect…..

Looking for information on Lisette Verkerk I found that she is living in Peru together with husband and dogs. She left the Netherlands in 2010 and started a new life and studio in Peru in Urubamba.

At one time at the KUNST RAI I met Lisette and bought one of the latex multiples which was at that time for sale. The artwork is lost…it dried out and eventually crumbled when I tried to hang it again. Still the “embryo” water color I still have is in splendid condition , but not hanging on the wall. A recent purchase of the book ( now available at reminded me of the latex multiple ( with needle). When reading and leafing through the book I immediately recognized why I was attracted to her work. It makes me curious about the works she is making now.

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