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Frank van Hemert (continued)

Frank van Hemert

This is going to be a continuing story. I have known Frank van Hemert for over 3 decades now and from his earliest show at galerie Nouvelles Images I have followed his career and visited his exhibitions. From one of his very first solo exhibitions at the Haagse galerie Nouvelles Images I remembered a series of pastel drawings in the corridor of the gallery. A series od approximately 12 “pastel on paper” drawings. A nice series of drawings that were the sketches for the very large paintings at show at the gallery. I am not 100% sure, but I now have acquired what I believe to be part of the drawings that were on show at gallery Nouvelles Images. As I remember a great series and I am fortunate to add this to our growing Frank van Hemert collection. has also some nice Frank van hemert publications available

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