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Ank van Pagée (1956-1995)

Ank van Pagée

This information i found at the site of Museum DE STADSHOF:

Background: mother’s antiquarian bookshop in Den Bosch.
Education: training in auctioneering firm.
Profession/occupation: antiquarian book trader.
Art form/medium: wax crayon drawing, painting, collage, lino-cut.
Start artwork: since 1979 in the antiquarian bookshop of her own in Deventer.
Relevant info: inspired by anguished novels/writers she takes up writing, painting and drawing; 1989 suffers from anxiety syndrome; hospitalization from 1990 – 1995. Commits suicide in 1995.
(Solo-) exhibitions: 1996, Stadshof Zwolle.
References: Pagée, Pim van; Ank van Pagée, Zwolle (Museum De Stadshof) 1996.

A short but informative text, but what struck me most was the power of her graphics in the book which I now have for sale at

Another nice quality is that she uses the same pictorial language as her contemporaries but gives a twist of her own to them. Left Pagée and right Charlotte Mutsaers

here is the Pagee publication which is now for sale.

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