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Cees Post (1942)

Cees Post

at an early stage of his career the designer-goldsmith cees post became interested in architectural forms.the inspiration he gains in architecture and the choice he made for the material in which he works, determine the shape and style developed by him.each one of his jewelry witness from a clear – tight – form and simplicity.his aim is to develop the jewelry into shaped visual arts.this is the credo for his creative work.the design of his jewelry can be described as “graphic constructively” with a scale-free or monumental character.the materials used are exclusively 1st grade silver and (white-) gold.the jewelry are built in planes and then performed a line pattern with silver.which provides the graphical is either used as an accent color either by a folded-edge as a ‘contra shape’.the starting points, which determine the appearance of the jewelry, are: square, rectangle, triangle folded-shape or a combination of these.that leads to theme-like series.despite the theme series each piece retains its individuality and thus remains unique.

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