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Dieter Mammel (1965)

Dieter Mammel

Dieter Mammel (1965) uses a special technique in his paintings. He paints with ink on raw canvas which is made wet, so that the colour runs out and branches whimsically. One can see clearly that the images have been painted from photographic examples. First, he used pictures from his own family album, which he later expanded with more general pictures from the 50’s and 60’s.

These Familienbilder (Family Works), almost all painted with green ink, are familiar and confronting at the same time, reminding of both childhood happiness and drama.

The Magenta Lovers series, is painted in red and have a warm, sensual atmosphere. Naked men and women lie on the bed lazily, or are entangled in a tight embrace. The recent Feeling Blue series show subjects of a more existential nature. By using restrained colours and his veiled way of painting Dieter Mammel touches upon the images we all carry with us in our memory. These are mental images that are shaped and coloured by the emotional meaning they have for us. has the NAH UND FERN publication now available

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