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Stefan Gritsch (1951)

Stefan Gritsch

The exploration of the visible and making visible is the driving force in
the work of Stefan Gritsch. In this context, painting is the conceptual
point of departure for expanding the work to other genres – drawing,
sculpture, photography, printmaking – and to find three-dimensional,
installation-based as well as performative formulations for them.

Gritsch takes the principle of inversion

further, as the work takes on an additional dimension and, due to the
enlargement, becomes physically experienceable. At the same time, he
creates an intimate proximity to his primary material, acrylic paint.
In Gritsch’s oeuvre of the early 1990s, the exploration of paint as
material already took the form which is still relevant today. Ever since, a
mass of acrylic paint modelled into new shapes and states serves as the
basis for most of his three-dimensional works. In a process characterised. has one Gritsch title currently available

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