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Karin Bos (1966)

Karin Bos

As soon as you see a painting by Karin Bos, you notice that there is a story behind the picture. It intrigues and it makes the picture come alive.

Karin Bos (1966, NL) graduated at the Amsterdam School of Fine Arts in 1989. She works as a visual artist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her main media are: paintingdrawing and printing.

People are the focus point of her work. Main characters are usually girls or women. Especially mutual relative power and relations have her interest. Frictions and inequality in these relationships is a recurrent theme. For instance between man and woman, or adult and child, or children amongst each other, group behaviour versus the loner. When the pursuit of harmony fails, it becomes interesting for her work . Several examples of ‘girlpower’ series Karin Bos has accomplished are ‘Showgirls’, ‘Gamegirls’, ‘Fairyqueens’ and ‘Feel Good’ has the A TRIP TO THE COUNTRYSIDE from 2009 now available

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