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Marinus Boezem (continued)

Marinus Boezem

Not just because he is one of the leading dutch artists. He shaped conceptual art and stood at the cradle of conceptual art in the Netherlands. He signed the sky, shaped a forrest and worked together for his oeuvre catalogue with Irma Boom in 1999. This is the reason i write this blog, since i bought at auction some of the scarce Boezem publications that i am now selling at

In 1999, well before Irma Boom became world famous, Booom designed the Marinus Boezem oeuvre catalogue. Size…typical Irma boom….. but this is one of the first publications in which the “fore-edge” was used in the design. It looks like a starry sky which has been placed /printed on this part of the book. All in all a very special publication.

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