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Jan van den Broek (1937-1991)

Jan van den Broek, also known as Jan Karel van den Broek, was a Dutch painter and photographer, whose work was mostly non-representational……..

This is all the information i found on this dutch artist. Based in Rotterdam he showed his works on several exhibitions at Galerie Delta . Delta is arguably one of the best dutch galeries from the Sixcties and Seventies so i value their judgement on the quality of the artist, but it is hard to find information ( btw. Delta catalogue from 1970 is now available)

From what i have seen his art resembles in some ways Francis Bacon his large paintings, but they also have a Seventies touch and feel in them. it is a pity that i do not have more info, but i will keep this artist in mind since his work intrigues and as soon as i have more info i will share this.

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