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Peter Martens (1937-1992)

Peter Martens

Peter Martens (1937-1992) was a Dutch socially engaged photographer. Wherever he went, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Calcutta, Kenia or New York, he photographed power relationships. The crippled, praying, morally broken or even murdered people he captured can be crawling or lying on the floor, but they still are people among fellow human beings. They are flanked by those who are still are upright: police officers, the military or the church, ambiguous figures of power and authority who guide as well as oppress, dominate as well as support. What takes place on Martens stage is nothing less than life itself. The work of Peter Martens has an unique place in Dutch photography. As one of the only Dutch photographers Martens has been nominated different times for the Magnum photography award and in 1977 and 1979 he won several awards at World Press Photo. In 1984 Peter Martens was awarded the Capi-Lux Alblas Prize for his entire oeuvre and in 1988 the Silver Camera Foundation proclaimed him Photojournalist of the Year. has the important duo/duo book now available.

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