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Hans Arp (1886-1966 / continued )

Hans Arp

In my (humble) opinion, Arp is one of the greatest artists from the 20th Century, together with Pollock, Brancusi and all Minimal Art artist they are my favorites. I say this because last week i encountered a catalogue with works by Arp for sale at galerie Neher in 1987. The catalogie is great , but what makes it special is the price list which was inserted in it . A relief/sculpture for around 100K makes this at todays prices outright cheap and a painting for around 200K is hard to believe. Still …..this certainly is my kind of art, but for me personally i just draw as much energy and satisfaction from art from artists that are still cheap and can be had for a couple of hundred euro. To prove my case here are some recent additions of paintings i truly love.

The catalogue of the Arp exhibition and its price list is now available at

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