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Marcos Carrasquer (1959)

Marcos Carrasquer

To be honest….this artist was completely new to me. Learned that he lives and works in Paris , but is dutch born. Het tells complete stories in his drawings and paintings and one has to really study these closely to discover their meaning. The catalogue i discovered is excellent and published by the galerie Polaris in 2016

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Graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, he lives and works in Paris.

If a big part of Marcos Carrasquer’s works fascinates, , it is due to a strong originality, graphic as pictorial, but also to an overflowing imagination, on the strangest and most ironic representations of the contemporary History.

Marcos Carrasquer show us, not without a lot of humor our own incredulity in the face of our contemporary history.

Here the artist neither is an archivist, nor documents the history. He seizes and accumulates, without any limit, references of the contemporary History and those of his family, but without ever falling in the satire, and imagine when the collective madness seizes the man, another more optimistic end is still possible.

If the stupidity of the man is underlined, the nonsense of the scenes, creative, and stimulating, also comes along with a world of animals (moles, rhinoceros, mouses, warms, monkeys…), having all a function and a role to play in the drawing or the painting, sending back like a mirror to the defects of the men with a very asserted irony.

And if it is difficult for us spectator to master in the first look, all this multitude of elements which are linked some with the others to create together other forms, we can recognize in this work an extraordinary imagination accompanied by a total and incredible control of the drawing.

The risk of the obsessional is always avoided, by a balance of the composition, up to the slightest detail, as the wallpaper that we guess behind a crowd of objects, themselves behind a crowd of characters, this interweaving of elements, this visual maelstrom can only delight our retina.

And it is through the numerous subjects approached and crossed by the artist, that the relevance of this work sends back to a certain jubilation of the spectator.

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