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Martin Disler (1949-1996)

Martin Disler

Writer and painter. Swiss born. I do not know any of his writings but i have admired his paintings as loong as i had first seen them.

For me they have the same qualities as the paintings and drawings i know of Frank van Hemert. In many paintings you can find parts of the human body or human figures, In no way realistic, but always recognisable as human.

He is associated with the Neue Wilde painting style.

Born to a family of gardeners, he was expelled from school in 1968 for disciplinary reasons. He was married to fellow artists Agnes Barmettler and later Irene Grundel. In the 1970s and 1980s, Disler worked extensively in Europe and in the US, gaining international attention alongside artists such as Sandro Chia, Francesco Clemente and Georg Baselitz. In 1982, he exhibited works at the Documenta 7. His awards include the Bremer Kunstpreis (1985), the Preis für junge Schweizer Kunst der Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft (1987) and the Kunstpreis des Kantons Solothurn (1988). has several Disler titles available.

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