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John De Andrea (1941)

John DE ANDREA and a De Andrea sculpture

De Andrea is an artistic representative of Hyperrealism and the Hyperrealism school of art, and specializes in nudes, frequently lovers, which he makes from plastic, polyester, glass fiber with natural hair and painted after naturalistic gypsum castings. His work is often associated with that of Duane Hanson and George Segal.[5][6]

In documenta 5 in Kassel 1972,[7] he presented Arden Andersen and Nora Murphy, a hyper-realistic sculpture of a couple in the act of love-making, made from bodycasts rendered in polyester resin.[8][9]

This alienation between the lovers and their incurable misfortune becomes even clearer with his 1978 work on display in Aachen, entitled The Couple. The man is not only fully dressed and the woman naked, but she clings to him, while he touches her only minimally, in order to not induce an open rejection.[10]

De Andrea’s works based on the sculptor and his model are characterized by a sober, professional relationship between the man and the woman; the artist concentrates on his work or rather is shown in situations, where he withdraws within himself to a meditative posture, and retreats into himself, in order to collect his energy and concentration for further work.

While looking for info on this fascinationg artist i encountered a post by Voorlinden about the De Andrea in the Caldic collection. A great combination with the leather Barcelona chairs by Mies van der Rohe.

John De Andrea in the Caldic collection has some books on Hyperrealist artists available.

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