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Thierry De Cordier (1954)

Thierry De Cordier

One of the most fascinating artists to emerge from the Belgium art scene in last century certainly is Thierry De Cordier

Thierry De Cordier is a philosopher, author and visual artist. He describes himself as romantic and melancholic. His work emanates from his personal quest: he strives to understand his own being and being human. ‘Back to nature’ is (also) De Cordier’s motto. There he is able to distance himself from our consumer society and there he tries to escape it. For a long time his garden represented the ultimate place where he found peace to reflect and work, in harmony with nature. He later went to live by the sea. Escaping the world and loneliness are recurring elements in De Cordier’s dark sculptures, drawings and paintings. Below is the project DE PONT developed with the artists. It shows the qualities of this hard to admire but fascinationg artist. has one publication on De Cordier now available.

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