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Uwe Poth (1946)

Uwe Poth

It is over 30 years now that i have followed Uwe Poth and his works . Erik Bos showed me for the first time his works in his gallery, but since they were far too expensive for me i never acquiredone. A few years ago finally a large work came up for sale at the Venduehuis and it was luckily bought by my sister, but at a pricelevel which made it interesting for me to follow the auctions and hoping another work would become for sale and yes!…… about a year ago i bought a large drawing and now i am waiting for a reasonable priced painting. Not too large, not too expensive….. his works still fascinate me after so many decades and i think it is finally the time for an acquisition. Books on Poth and by Erik Bos are still available at

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