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Fondation Beyeler / Passagen

Gerhard Richter + Claude Monet

A few days ago i told you about our visit to the Fondation Beyeler. We came for the O’Keeffe exhibition , but we were even more surprised by the beauty of all the other rooms. I have seen hundreds of exhibitions during the last 50 years, but this was of such an outstanding quality that i rate this to the top 10 exhibitions i ever visited. Room after room was filled with the most beautiful works of art and contained the very best of artist like Giacometti, Balthus, Kelly, Richter, Monet, Agnes Martin, Newman, Bacon, Miro and the most impressive of them all. ….a room filled with Five(!) magical Rothko paintings. It was quiet in these rooms so we almost had these to ourselves. Most people stayed at the O’Keeffe rooms, but these rooms were of such a beauty, that together with the Basquiat exhibition at the same museum i will remember and cherish the memory of these beautiful works presented in a way that was and is extraordinary. The rooms were light, spacious and the works presented in so much “air” that the only thing you could see and experience was the sheer beauty of these works of art. I have made photographs, but the only way to experience this Passagen exhibition is visit the Fondation Beyeler at a quiet hour. This can not be recommended enough.

and of course has books on all the artist you can see at this exhibition.

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