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Bulgar (1929-1986 )

Bulgar is Viktor IV

From 1961 until his death Viktor IV lived in a boathouse at the river Amstel in Amsterdam. His alterego is Bulgar. With this name he fabricated the famous clocks that run backwards. He lived Almost like a clochard but not secluded, because during his life he kept a very keen eye on the art scene around him. This resulted in one of the most fascinating oeuvres of any modern artist. Building his works from lost and found material washed ashore wooden panels he developed a sign language which was typical for Viktor IV, including a new way of looking at time with his BULGAR watches. Roughly his artistic life can be divided into 3 parts. The first being the making of his ICONS, the second his sign language the RUNES and thirdly the JOURNAL pages he drew almost daily.

The announcement for a Stedelijk Museum exhibition with his clocks is now available at

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