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Geert van Fastenhout (continued)

Geert van Fastenhout

I already wrote once on the Geert van Fastenhout painting we have in our collection, but now there is a reason to continue and write once again. We have acquired another painting by van Fastenhout at auction and because i checked my bookcase i found that i have a second copy of the 1996 book by van Fastenhout. I will keep my personal dedicated copy of course, but the nice ting is this is also signed and dedicated by Geert.

The book is filled with beautiful impressive paintings made over 3 decades and many of these landed in Japan (more than 250 paintings) . My guess is the Japanese like to study and meditate with their art and Geert van Fastenhout his works are very suitable to do so. Finally i will share the painting we recently bought for our collection. Colors are hardly to be discovered, blacks, blue sand browns are all present but because of their darkness it takes time to discover them, but they are there (the camera makes the darkness much lighter) . Another masterpiece by Geert van Fastenhout.

Fastenhout schilderij no. 13

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