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Adelbert Foppe (1942)

Adelbert Foppe

It was Gerrit Jan de Rook who invited Foppe to participate in the 1985 /50 years Haags Gemeentemuseum celebration with a special edition. Among the other artists were Carl Andre, Pat Andrea . Foppe choose to make a “black book in a black box” in an edition of one hundred copies. All the editions for this festive occasion were sold out within a few weeks. At that time Foppe already had a history with the Haags Gemeentemuseum. He had designed books, posters and some folders for the museum. This beautiful box was the crown on his designs for the museum. It contained 9 silkscreened prints. Signed and numbered boxes in an edition of 100 copies. After 36 years i now have finally one box available for sale at

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