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Bruce Nauman and the Carrousel

This looks like a never ending story. Some years ago i devoted a blog to this Nauman masterpiece and since i have encountered it at multiple occasions and exhibitions . There was the Nauman exhibition at the Stedelijk where the animals were hanging much too high. This to protect the hanging animals from wear, but loosing part of the effect and this week i saw the Carrousel at his home base the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag ( Kunstmuseum ). There it was once again. This time the animals were hardly touching the floor, but the carrousel was turning its rounds. Still i felt that this is not the way it should be presented. You must hear the sound of the sculptures scraping the floor. To illustrate the 3 ways it was presented i show the photo’s below and of course for Nauman publications visit my site at

A long time ago at the Gemeentemuseum with the beautiful Bacon triptych

At the Stedelijk Museum during the Nauman exhibition/ notice the height of the animals above the floor

and at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag / november 2021

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