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Arie van Geest ( continued )

Recently i acquired another oil painting by Arie van Geest. It is the 1986 painting ZELFPORTRET XIII-IX , which was originally sold by galerie Delta and became part for over 28 years of the IMTECH art collection. Imtech was declared bankrupt and the art collection had to be sold and the painting then became part of a private collection, but now FTN art has acquired this impressive Arie van Geest painting and it is now for sale. ( look at the art section).

Of course it can be viewed but only on appointment. please apply at

Zelfportret by Arie van Geest

Title : Zelfportret XIII-IX

painting, oil on canvas

year : 1986

size : 100 x 81 cm

Condition: excellent

One of the paintings by Arie van Geest which i can offer

signed and dated on the frame


galerie Delta, sold in 1986

Imtech collection until 2016

Private collection

collection FTN-books and art

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