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Siep van den Berg / Ultimate edition

the year 1984… Siep van den Berg received several one man exhibitions ao at the Haags Gemeentemuseum. A few months before that exhibition a special publication was published by LA FONTAINE DU PEUCH. Text by Prof. JaffĂ©, who died shortly before the book was finished and published. The edition is only 54 copies all signed and numbered by Siep van den Berg. Measuring an impressive 51 x 41 cm. and containing beside poems , tipped in off set prints, 2 original signed and numbered silkscreen prints and 2 collage works mounted on paper. The cover is a composition by Siep van den Berg executed in laminated paper. Overall 40 pages, red binding papers and linnen cover . It is an absolute must have for the Siep van den Berg admirer, but to make it available for all i have photographed all pages from front to backcover to give the presentation of this epic work to all. The book is now availabel at

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