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Mariska Gewald (1988)

Mariska Gewald

I always take an interest in young artists and in this case a very special one. Niece of Ap Gewald and starting to present herself on the internet with a site of her own. I briefly spoke to her last week. She mentioned she was planning to sell her first series of illustrations  and after seeing these, i immediately compared her interest in animals to the works i know of Arja van den Berg. Both make Intimate prints and both have an interest in domestic animals.

Mariska makes these for a much younger audience, while Arja makes them for a more mature one, but both have that immediate appeal.  These are perfect gifts for Christmas. ( prints available at

 The painting below is by Arja van den Berg. The one she made for us some 30 years ago. A different generation, a different approach. And the series below the painting are by Mariska Gewald. Bright, original prints, where shape is even more important than detail. 

Sinh & Joy by Arja van den Berg

Below some of items available on Arja van den Berg at

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