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Harry Ruhé (1947)


Here he is … of the leading experts on Multiples in the world and a gifted galery owner with his galerie A in Amsterdam. I met Ruhe at one time , some 30 years ago when i bought  a small multiple by Robert Barry and Ruhe has since become one of the leading experts on everything MULTIPLE and built one of the greatest collections on Fluxus in the world.

This is the reason he deserves a blog, since there is probably no one who is more knowledgable on Fluxus in the world. And there is more….what about his knowledge on Fontana! The result the most important book on the Fontana multiplpes on the world. Compiled, edited and written by Ruhé ( available at

For those visiting Amsterdam. Here is the address of the Galerie A:

Galerie A
Johannes Verhulststraat 53-hs
1071MS Amsterdam

+31 206714087



Fontana multiples

all the above books are still available

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