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Carlo Ramous (1926-2003)

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Another sculptor i had not heard of before is Carlo Ramous. Ramous has a Calder like quality and this shows the best in his steel sculptures.

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Carlo Ramous was born in Milan in 1926. Sculptor and Painter, he studied at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera (Brera Academy of Fine Arts) with Marino Marini. In 1946 he exhibited his first works. In 1951 he won the Diomira Award, the Mattioli Award and the Oggioni Award of Brera Academy; in 1954 he was present at Triennale di Milano; in 1955 he was present at Quadriennale di Roma and he won the Brusadelli Award. In 1956 he worked on building the façade of Santa Marcellina Church in Milan. Since then, his name has been present at least 300 times worldwide in one man shows and in international exhibitions: in Biennale di Venezia in 1958, 1962, 1972; in Biennale of S. Paolo of Brazil in 1961; in Quadriennale di Roma in 1955, 1959, 1973; and then in Paris, Tokio, Rome, London, Oslo, Milan, New York, Antwerp, Alexandria, Teheran, Mexico City, Budapest, Aquila, Zurich, Colonia, Nuremberg, Berlin, Sidney, Den Haag, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Lagos, etc… It is since the beginning of the 60’ that the most discerning Italian and International Critics recognize Ramous as one of the most original and coherent sculptors of the first generation succeeded after 1945. The willingness and the ability of the sculptor to confront shape and space make every sculpture, even if motionless, beating life in the imaginative dimension. After the early 60’, Ramous’ sculptures change: although remaining still “massive”, they acquire new style, sharp edges and a drive to verticality that can transmit tension and emotions. His work has been evaluated by the most attentive critics, Trier, Dorfles, Russoli, Gassiot-Talabot, Valsecchi, Elgar, Caramel, Ashbery, Ballo, Leveque, Carandente, Alvard, De Micheli, Welcher, Crispolti, Coulan, Natali, Guardoni, Bettolini are only few of them. Besides the countless collective and group expositions, he created numerous architectural works, among which: Santa Marcellina Church in Milan, Don Bosco Church in Milan, Cino Del Duca Imprimerie in Blois (France), the big sculpture in Conciliazione Plaza in Milan, the sculpture in front of the school in Viale Marche in Milan, the monument to the Patriots of the Island in Milan, many sculptures for the schools in Italy and for Hospitals in Pordenone and Como (Italy), the monument to the deceased for the freedom in Miani plaza in Milan, the big sculpture in Chuo Park Chiba City in Japan.
Carlo Ramous died on 16 november 2003, in Milan.
Since November 2, 2006 he’s been included among the meritorious to the memorial chapel at the Monumental Cemetery in Milan. has the galleria del Cavallino , 1961 pubication available.ramous

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