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Jean Fautrier (1898-1964)

Together with Jean Dubuffet, Fautrier is the most well known representative of the  “l’art informel”. Educated at the Royals Academy in London , he soon freed himself from the classic form of painting and discovered a new way of painting . Putting layers on top of each other , thus creating a flat but almost 3d like abstract picture with a hint of realism.  Fautrier is not as well known as Dubuffet, but personally i think he is at least as important and deserves to be known better. In France his works are popular when they are presented in galleries, auctions and museums, but outside France his works are a rare appearance and when you find one it is almost every time presented in relation with other painters from that era….one exception…the Stedelijk Museum holds some magnificent Fautrier prints in their collection.

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The Stedelijk Museum ( Wim Crouwel design) Fautrier catalogue is available at



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