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Jake & Dinos Chapman ( 1966 & 1962)…brothers in art.

Their art is “fun” for the art nlover that takes his time and wants to discover. Not only highly original but beside the the horror depicted, there is always a layer of humor and fun in their works. I first encountered their works at the Groninger Museum , where a large Retrospective in 2003 was held and i was sold. ( catalogue available at and it struck me these works are not only filed with horror, but study them closely and you will find humor in them too.

Jake and Dinos belong to the ( not so ) young and influential British art scene which appeared in the Nineties and gathered , because of their recognizable, original works a huge worldwide following and in 2003 their works were presented at the Groninger Museum. See these and they will leave you wondering is this horror or are these scenes entertain. It leaves you thinking about them for a very long time and they stay with you in your memory. These are not light works of art, because some are so powerful and explicit, but stay with them for some time and you will distinguish some lighter parts and sometimes downright ridiculous elements within them.


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