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Ferdinand Erfmann (1901-1968)

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Possibly the best naive painter from the Netherlands from last century, who becomes more and more important in the last 2 decades. First there was the Dordrechts Museum….. They had an exhibition on him and later the Museum MORE in Bathmen in 2016, who devoted a retrospective to this painter. Erfmann was always fascinated by heavy build women. Possibly because he was a transvestite in his spare time he liked these subjects and placed them together in scenes with sailors , circus acrobats, bathers and prostitutes. A recognizable signatute these subjects became within in his paintings and when you see one of his paintings in reality , you are immediately impressed. His art must be rooted and influenced by German art from the Interbellum, but the naivety of his paintings makes them far more accessible.

In the year of his death ( 1968) a short documentary was made on Erfmann in which you can see him in his surroundings and his studio before his paintings. A somewhat strange artist, but and artist who is appreciated in these days more and more. has one Erfmann publication from the Dordrechts Museum available


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