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Piotr Kowalski (1927-2004)


Another obscure artist from the exhibition history of the Stedelijk Museum is this Piotr Kowalski who had his dutch SM presentation in 1970. The catalogue design was done by Wim Crouwel, who made this publication a very special one and for me personally one of the most striking from the Seventies


Piotr Kowalski was an artist, sculptor, and architect. He was born 2 March 1927, in Poland, and died 7 January 2004 in Paris, France

Piotr Kowalski worked in non-traditional materials including electronic and mechanical devices, neon art, large earth works, explosions and other natural phenomena including plant growth and gravity. His work often expressed science or natural laws in direct and tangible ways, immediate to the senses.

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A refugee of World War II, a graduate of MIT, he immigrated to France as an architect for UNESCO and spent most of the rest of his life in Paris. Along with gallery works, he installed several large outdoors projects.

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