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Paul de Kort… a dutch land art artist

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I was fortunate to acquire for FTN art an impressive box by Paul de Kort. The box contains 6 graphite ” PULSE” drawings. The counterparts being a drawn spiral in pencil and charcoal framed in lead. All 12 drawings are signed. So far the technique. What makes this box important is that the spiral shape/ maze of the drawings comes back in his projects which are executed on a much much larger scale.

One of his latest projects is the Wassende Maan project which was designed 2005 and executed in 2008. It is situated in the Northern Part of the Biesbosch  (south of Rotterdam/Dordrecht). Search on Google gives great view of the project:,4.7833401,933m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c6828a5e93de25:0xb1c0ce93edaf0b11!8m2!3d51.7907751!4d4.7855341?hl=nl

If one studies the projects Paul de Kort executed during the last 30 years as an artist you can see why i think the box I acquired is of importance. The shapes, patterns and execution is on this smaller scale a source of inspiration for his later works.. The complete set will become for sale later this year. Here is a preview of the box and 4 drawings.

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