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starting the sale of the SCHAAMSTREKEN series VOL 1,2,3 and 4 by Otto Egberts.


As announced last year, after i acquired the Schaamstreken series by Otto Egberts, I am now starting the sale of the first volume within the series… SCHAAMSTREKEN 1.

This book is also bound in original goat leather and contains 15 original drawings by Otto Egberts. The book is signed and dated by the artist on the end page and was sold to the previous owner by galerie Phoebus.

The SCHAAMSTREKEN 1 book measures 39,3 x 10,9 cm. And contains 34 pages, 15 drawings spread over 2 pages and 2 one page drawings. The end paper has the signature and date on it in pencil. These original drawings were done in color on old Danish maps and nautical charts.

for more information see the FTN art pages (above) in this blog. here is the link:

schaam 1 l

schaam 1 n

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