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Jan Tschichold (1902-1974)



Tschichold is considered by many as the founding father of the New Typography. Sandberg, Crouwel and many others are all influenced by this great designer. Tschichold educated in Germany started to get interested in typography after he visited in 1924 an exhibition in the Bauhaus/Weimar. After his education he refused to register himself in Nazi Germany. He felt not safe and fled with his family to Switzerland where he stayed the rest of his life. In 1947 he stayed for a 2 year period in England where he redesigned the covers for over 500 Penguin pockets. So most people do not know the works by Tschichold but many have a Penguin pocket on the shelf which is designed by Tschichold. Tschichold not only was a master in design but the typography and the use of new fonts make his work clean and very recognizable. Interested in typography? …Tschichold is a must. One of the first choices to get to know better.

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