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Salvador Dali – ” Fille de Quinze ans “


I have been a long time admirer of Salvador Dali and from the 70’s on ( The Boymans van Beuningen exhibition ) i have been visiting museums with Dali’s in their collections. The Boymans in the Netherland has the largest collection of Dali’s in the Netherlands, but everywhere in the world works can be found. In my youth i had one desire…owning an original Dali. It did not happen until i purchased an etching by the artist and together with an original lithograph, these are still the only works i was able to collect from Dali. The good thing is … i still like them and both are hanging on my walls. The etching FILLE DE QUINZE ANS comes from a series of etchings and was published in an edition of only 150 / signed copies. The paintings by Dali can only be purchased by a few people in the world , but the graphic works are still reasonably cheap to buy, so pick them up whenever you have a chance, but be careful…. there are many counterfeits on the market!

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