Massimo Rao # MARINAIO CHE AVEVA PERSO IL MARE # painting , 1989


Here is one of the highlights from our collection. The painting was bought at Gallery Steltman in 1992 and has since been in our collection.

It was exhibited at the large retrospective exhibition on Massimo Rao at Bad Frankenhausen in 2004

artist : Massimo Rao
title : Marinaio Che Aveva Perso Il Mare
technique : Eitempera, Oil, Coals , paper on canvas
year : 1989
signed : Massimo Rao
size : 100 x 69 cm.
Condition : Mint


Exhibition Massimo Rao  / Nocturne in an Interior, 1991

Gallery Steltman / Amsterdam, 1992

private collection

Massimo Rao , Animula Vagula Blandula , 2004

All paintings by Massimo Rao are important. His production has been very small during the time he was active as a painter. He died at the age of only 46 years in 1996 leaving us a beautiful and impressive oeuvre. His works are, because of the expertise of Steltman galleries and connections on all continents, spread all over the world. This painting comes with an insurance valuation for the Bad Frankenhausen exhibition.

The painting is depicted in the following books on Massimo Rao:

Massimo Rao, Aosta, 1991 pages 44 and 45

Massimo Rao, Steltman gallery, 1992, page 31

Massimo Rao / Animula Vagula Blandula, Bad Frankenhausen, 2004, page 138

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