Paul de Kort # ARSIS # boxed set containing 12 works


Paul de Kort project “Arsis” resulted in this unique boxed set of 12 original drawings

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artist : Paul de Kort

title : Arsis

year : 1990

technique : 6 graphite drawings executed on paper , laid down on wood and perforated + 6 drawings of spirals/maze, perforated ( being the counterparts of the drawings), framed in lead. All 12 items are signed and titled. The 12 drawings are held within 6 cassettes and the cassettes in 1 wooden box

box size 14.5 x 14.5 x 14.1 inches

each of the drawings measures 13 x 13 inches, all drawings are individually signed

provenance: gallery Phoebus Rotterdam where the box was sold in 1990

price : euro 4950,–


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