Dieter Hiesserer # BATMAN’s CAR # ca. 1965, acryl on canvas painting, mint-


Large and impressive pop art painting by Dieter Hiesserer. Batman’s car comes from the fromer Struyvesant collection


German Pop Art! Hiesserer is one of the key figures in German Pop Art. Born in 1939, he is still active as a painter and recognized as one of the important painters in the European Pop Art scene. This painting is in excellent conditions and a typical Pop Art painting.

artist : Dieter Hiesserer

technique : acrylic on canvas

Title : Batman’s car

size : 138 x 133 cm.

year : ca. 1965

Signed : Hieszerer on the back

Condition : mint-


Stuyvesant collection

private collection


Dieter Hiesserer (1939) / Batman’s car.


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