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A Willem Sandberg Xmas card

I found this picture at the Herb Lubalin center who has this in its collection. A very nice and typical Willem Sandberg card to wish you a Merry Christmas in 1958.

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an old wish, but a new one from me….. a Merry Christmas 2021


Many Sandberg and Lubalin items are available at

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Eugenio Carmi (1920-2016)

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Without realizing it i have collected some nice collectable items by Eugenio Carmi which are all available at

Carmi was one of the first Modern Abstract painters in Italy. By chance i collected some works, but finding info on him was musch harder so here is the text i found on Wikipedia.

He is considered to have been one of the main exponents of abstractionism in Italy.

Born in Genoa, in 1938 Carmi moved to Switzerland because of the racial laws imposed by Benito Mussolini. He graduated in Chemistry at the ETH Zurich. Carmi returned to Italy after the war, where he studied painting with Felice Casorati and sculpture with Guido Galletti.

In the early 1950s, Carmi abandoned the informal style and adopted a geometric rigor in his works.His works often used factory materials such as welded steel and iron.[1]

Between 1958 and 1965 Carmi collaborated with the steel company Italsider (later Ilva) as their responsible for the image.In 1963 he founded with Flavio Costantini and Emanuele Luzzati the cooperative of artists Galleria del Deposito. A close friend of Umberto Eco, he collaborated with him on several projects.] He also taught in several academies

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Raymond Pettibon and THE BLASTING CONCEPT.

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This album cover was done by Raymond Pettibon and the album contains punk and post punk. A true sampler which shows the best artist from the SST label. None is importnt for me personally, but what i do like is that the over art is done by Raymond Pettibon. For those interested in the contents of the album read this.

pettibon blasting a

pettibon blasting b

When punk had its second boom in the early `80s, the emerging art form of the compilation album was given birth and has remained with the genre to today. The east coast beat its chest with the faster-than-light Flex Your Head comp released by Dischord, while the west coast celebrated its fierceness with the mostly Californian Let Them Eat Jellybeans! out on Alternative Tentacles. Boston responded with the soundtrack to circle pits, This Is Boston, Not L.A.. Unfortunately, with these three pillars casting their influence on almost the entire punk and indie scene, some label-specific comps tend to get overlooked. This is a shame as SST’s The Blasting Concept (Vol. 1), released in 1983, features a great selection of early-to-mid-SST jams which feature the label at its most lean and angriest.

The album opens with a selection of early Minutemen tunes. This handful of tracks shows that while many labels were heading in a generic three-chord, minute-thirty direction, SST was signing artists that were unique and completely inimitable. In usual Minutemen style, the trio rips through tunes which are more sketches than full-fledged opuses, jumping and skittering around chords and across song structures with more ideas in two minutes than many bands have in an entire album. In contrast to the Minutemen, Black Flag dominates the flip side with a song headed by each of the three pre-Rollins singers. While the Watt/Boon/Hurley combination delighted in its delicate intricacies, the Greg Ginn-headed Black Flag explodes with skillful rage, wasting not a millisecond of time.

Complimenting Black Flag are Saccharine Trust and Stains, two other bands on the early LA punk scene. While time hasn’t been as kind to these two groups as Black Flag, the two singles included in the comp show that while Black Flag, the Germs and a few others might have been the most dangerous, the west coast had plenty of other groups who could not only hold their weight, but also were capable of adding a little bit of east coast flavor to the west coast sound.

While SST started out as a punk label, it would later incorporate other non-commercial music including heavy metal and even free-form jazz. Chuck Dukowski’s Wurm, featured in its second incarnation on this comp, shows SST recording, Sabbath-influenced metal that allowed The Duke to show off his bass mastery/savagery. While Wurm wore its influences in the open, Overkill would be one of the first groups to head in the newly emerging thrash direction. While later on the group became much more well-known in metalhead circles, on The Blasting Concept the band carefully balances the challenging weights of punk and metal, making one hell of a fist pounder.

Although post-punk began to develop almost as soon as punk itself developed, most of these late `80s heros began as straight-up punk outfits. Luckily for us, the comp features early versions of Hüsker Dü and the Meat Puppets. Both bands are caught amidst their transitions, when unusual song structure and thick riffs dominated their sound.

Creative arguments and financial difficulties would plague SST in its later years. These troubles make this document all that much more valuable. There once was a time when SST was a dysfunctional yet happy family united not by a common sound but by a common aesthetic. The 14 cuts on this platter feature SST at its prime when it made a bold statement wrapped in a provocative cover by the awesome Raymond Pettibon. Of course, it’s a waste of time to live in the past, but every once in a while it’s nice to remember a time when all our heroes were pals (even though they kinda hated each other then, too). text by John gentile, 2007

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Joost Swarte and THE ROUSERS, 1980


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There has always been a warm relationship between Joost Swarte and music in general. The result album covers, cd covers and cd specials which were published over the last 40 years . One of the earliest albums  Swarte designed was the THE ROUSERS album from 1980. The band is forgotten, but the album has one of the strongest covers i remember from the Eighties. Both sides of the cover look the same but there are differences between them. The perspective and timeframe are different making this a look into a scene …just seconds apart. Everything was designed by Swarte. Cover, Lettering and album labels all Swarte design making this one of the scarcest and certainly most collectable Swarte items i remember. The album is available at

rousers swarte a

rousers swarte b

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Margaret Leiteritz (1907-1976)

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The following excerpt comes from Wikipedia, because in a few sentences it explains what Leiteritz works stands for and means for art in general, but…..

I have made a small study of Leiteritz and her works and when you look at these you can see that her works are a link between the Bauhaus of Kandinsky and the hard edge paintings of Kelly.  In between somme 40 Years but her works bridge this period perfectly. Somewhere between the Bauhaus Kandinsky and the hard Edge Kelly from the Seventies you must place Leiteritz, because she transformed herself into an artist who embraced abstraction and made rythm part of her paintings . Her works are definetely inspired by rythm and music.

 Margaret Leiteritz (1907–1976) was a German painter who studied at the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1928 to 1931.[1]

In the 1960s and early 1970s, Leiteritz produced ‘painted diagrams’, which drew heavily from the scientific articles and books in her care as she was a professional librarian before becoming a painter.

Many of her works were strongly influenced by chemical engineering, and especially the field’s graphs which depicted physical properties of substances. Leiteritz’s paintings typically reworked a mundane graph using large expanses of colour and a bold abstract theme, changing it into a dynamic painting. Other works are reminiscent of Bunsen burner flame or DNA gel.

leiteritz info

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Ørnulf Ranheimsæter (1909-2007)

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Ørnulf Ranheimsæter was a Norwegian illustrator, graphical artist and essayist.

He was born in Skien, and educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry, where he also later worked as instructor and eventually professor. He is known for his many book designs, and received the Bokkunstprisen award in 1967 and 1987. He was awarded the Fritt Ord Honorary Award in 1998.

gullberg f
Why this rather obscure , lesser know Norwegian artist?.

The best reason is he illustrated DEN HELIGE NATTEN by Hjalmar Gullberg.  A short story on the Holy Night ( containing 4 original prints). The most appropriate story for today. ( the book is available at

Merry Christmas!



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the 500 first Stedelijk Museum publications…A very important list

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Last Thursday i encountered finally one of the list I was hoping to find for a long time. The list is made in the beginning of the Eighties when interest rose in acquiring and collecting the Stedelijk Museum publications. Since the start in the Mid ’30s from last century, over 1100 publications have been published by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and this list contains the numbers and titles of the first 500 numbered publications. Willem Sandberg, Piet Zwart and Wim Crouwel, 3 of the greatest of Dutch designers all can be found on this list and i noticed of the 500 titles on it I have over 400 currently available at

Beside the one on the list, there are of course many others published by the Stedelijk Museum FTN books has available. Take a look, save and share this very important document. the list is in PDF format and can be downloaded with the link below:

sm lijst 1 tm 500



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New Business Card FTN books & Art

visitekaartje ftn

Some recent changes made it necessary to translate these changes into a new business card. The most important one being two new email addresses. One personal one and the other for the FTN books & Art contacts. So here is all the new business information to contact me and keep track of my activities, the daily blog and additions to my inventory.

Wilfried van den Elshout / FTN books

Veursestraatweg 106c

2265CG Leidschendam,  the Netherlands

new email :

new email :


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Till Hohn,(1945) Musician, artist, performer

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Not many will have heard of Till Hohn, since he is mainly a local celebrity in Dusseldorf.

because he is known in the Dusseldorf region he has had his exhibitions and performances mainly in this region and one was held in the IM EHRENHOF venue in 1995. With the exhibition/Performance was a a small catalogue published which is now in high demand , because Hohn is such an artist who stays true to his believe in his chosen way in art . It is fascinating to see the development over the years and the scenery he builds for his performances is like an architectural sculpture.

The Till Hohn / Unser Dusseldorf soll schoner werden publication is now availabel at

till hohn

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Charly van Rest (1949)

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Born in Indonesia ( Jakarta) he practically lived his entire life in the Netherlands/ Rotterdam. Perhaps this is the reason why his main exhibitions were also held in this city. van Rest had exhibitions at the Museum Boymans van Beuningen ( catalogue available at ) and the Witte de With space.

At first you have to grow accustomed to his art. The way he looks at reality is transformed into a personal kind of art. The source is almost always reality. Transformed, enhanced, enlarged, cut and thereafter transformed into his personal art.

van rest.jpg