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Sculpture 10 days… Day 5 ..Carel Visser ( 1928-2015)

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One sculptor you must mention in these sculpture 10 days is Carel Visser. 2 years ago Visser died, but his works remain and are present in every important dutch museum collection. His works are in many cases ” assemblages of found material, but during the last 3 decade of his life he made statues from Corten steel and these are the works that can be found frequently in many places in the Netherlands . His sculptures from window screens are less suitable to be presented in the streets ,

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but these are in the museums and can be seen there. It is time for a large retrospective on his works, because beside his sculpture there is also his print making in which he excelled. For many publications on Carel Visser please visit


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Sculpture 10 days… Day 4 ..Tony Cragg ( 1949)

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Tony Cragg, british and famous in the Nineties, but nowadays he almost looks forgotten. No more great shows , nor great assignments…..but his works are still there. Present in great collections like the Boymans van Beuningen, Tate and Caldic collection. Maybe it is time to rediscover Cragg, because his works are highly original and well worth seeing. In many cases the scale is large and because these large sculptures can not be dismissed they often impress. Take a look at the books available at and if interested visit the Caldic collection for this and other great sculptures by contemporary artists.

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Sculpture 10 days… Day 2 ..Eja Siepman van den Berg

Two reasons to write a new blog on Eja Siepman van den Berg. The first and most important reason is that Eja won the pertigious price for sculpture : the WILHELMINA RING Sculpture prize

Eja Siepman van den Berg is laureate of the 2017 Wilhelmina Ring Sculpture Prize

The Wilhelmina Ring is a biennial oeuvre award, awarded to leading Dutch sculptors; it is one of the most important art prizes in the Netherlands.

Eja Siepman van den Berg is the 2017 laureate of the Wilhelmina Ring, consisting of a ring designed for the occasion, of a commissioned sculpture for the municipal park and an accompanying exhibition at Museum CODA, both in the city of Apeldoorn.

With this award, Eja Siepman van den Berg finds herself in the company of esteemed winners such as Joost Beljon, Joep van Lieshout, Jan van Munster, Carel Visser, Hans van Houwelingen, and Auke de Vries, among others

The second is that she recently launched a completely new which you can visit over here:

Of course her publications are available at :


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Sculpture 10 days… Day 1 ..Yaacov Aagam (1928)

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Inspired by our todays visit to the Caldic collection of Joop van Caldenborgh in Wassenaar and because of my fondness for sculpture , the next 10 blogs will be devoted to Artist and sculptures. van Caldenborgh has been collecting great sculptures for more than 30 years now and collected a world famous collection which is on show on application on his estate in Wassenaar. One of the artist to be found there is Yaacov Aagam. An artist from Israel who has been known in the Netherlands for over 40 years now because of his show in the Stedelijk Museum ( catalogue available at His sculpture on the lawn of the Caldenborgh estate is particularly impressive because when you see it it appears to move because of its construction . A kinetic sculpture that does not move itself, but moves because of the movement of the spectator.

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Rineke Dijkstra (1959)

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If there is one photographer who has become famous in the last 2 decades it is Rineke Dijkstra. She started as a freelance photographer for magazines like Avenue and Quote, but became famous with her series if you men and women on the beaches of the US, Poland, Belgium and Croatia. This series has become iconic in the world of photography and the star of Rineke Dijkstra has risen ever since. The series shows in artificial light young adolescent boys and girls on the shore. These photographs have are typical Dijkstra “signature” and can be recognized immediately. The strength in these photographs of young people and also the series of bullfighters and soldiers, is that they show the emotion of the portrayed. Large sized in many cases make these not the standard photograph for at home, but you can seen many of her works depicted in the books on Dijkstra of which some are available at

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Damien Hirst (1965)… “Treasures” in Venice

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Question….who is Damien Hirst…a serious artist or a vulpine charlatan. In my opinion he is both. When Hirst started his career, his approach to art was highly original, finding an art form in which he commented on society and the world around him. In the past 2 decades his art was a hype and he made a tremendous amount of money creating and selling art to please his admirers and collectors. This is the moment I gladly forget Damien Hirst as a serious artist, but now there is his new show, The first in almost 10 years.


in Venice in the Palazzo Grassi / and i must say, it fascinates. Perhaps it is a little overdone and because of the scale too much, but this world he creates is totally artificial but includes the icons Hirst loves so much and fascinates from beginning to end.  Disney figures combined with Kate Moss can de recognized in many objects, making this the Pop Art show of 2017.

A world created by Hirst as  if it is real discovery , but totally artificial and in no way to be kept together as one art object, because i am convinced that after the show in Venice all object will be sold to collectors for very serious money. For a much smaller amount you can find some Damien Hirst publications at 😉


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Andy Warhol in Stockholm (1968)

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The sixties were the time that Pop Art was introduced in Europe and one of the venues where a large exhibition was held was the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Of course the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has had its Pop Art and Warhol exhibitions in those days, but what makes the Stockholm exhibition stand out, was the catalogue which was published with the Andy Warhol exhibition in 1968. Not a small booklet , designed by Wim Crouwel of 40+ pages, but a large catalogue containing approx. 500 pages filled with art and photography. . A true documentary publication with the most important works by Warhol and over 300 photographs with documentary photographs on Warhol and his circle of friends. the Factory photography was done by Billy Name. Spontaneous and random photography, giving great insight in the world of Warhol and his Friends in the surroundings of the Factory. This is one of the most important Andy Warhol catalogues ever published and now available at

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Emmett Williams (1925-2007) , Fluxus poet and master of Concrete Poetry

A little anecdote….the first time i saw the publications of Emmett Williams was in the early eighties in the Gemeentemuseum. It was a very nice publication, but at that time i did not see the qualities of his works and publications. When a few years later too many of the edition was unsold , we decided to put them in a “sale” for 2 guilders each. Even at that price they were very hard to sell and now 30 years later… I was offered a small collection of Emmett Williams books and  bought them back at 30x the price of 2 guilders,  a price well worth the books ,because these are very special books. The VOYAGE is published in only 1000 copies and works like a classic “flip book”. These books are absolute “must have’s” for serious collectors. They are becoming more rare every year and as an artist Emmett Williams will become one of the most important artists from the Fluxus mouvement.

These books are available at www.

williams add


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Henk Tas…new addition to the collection and a little bit of Bruce Springsteen as an extra.

Because there was some nice response on the blog i wrote some months ago about Henk Tas. I would like my followers to know that i acquired a new work by Henk Tas. Great staged photography in a popular size which means it can be hung or placed almost everywhere at home. A deers head, guitar and figure and clapping hands are the elements which form  a ” classic” Henk Tas photograph / “FIRE” . For more information please inquire: at or

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Thomas Schütte (1954)

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The German sculptor Thomas Schütte is constructing a museum to house his artwork in the town of Hombroich, located about 16 km (10 miles) southeast of Düsseldorf.

The new structure—which will offer 700 square meters (1,300 sq. ft.) of floor space when completed—was designed by Schütte, and is being built close to the grounds of the Museumsinsel Hombroich, a multi-building complex that also houses the collection of the German collector Karl-Heinrich Müller……

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I just encountered this old news on the internet and was reminded about the sculptures i had seen by Schuette, when Rudi Fuchs was director of the Gemeentemuseum. Since  i have seen his works on multiple occasions and whenever there was a catalogue published on the exhibitions i was full of admiration, because his catalogues are among the best published in the last 3 decades. There are several available at So in the near future when you visit the Dusseldorf area you can include Hombroich together with Bottrop to visit 2 exquisite museums.