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Gerard Petrus Fieret (1924-2009)


If you ask the many photograph collectors in the Netherlands….who is the most important photographer from the 60’s and 70’s in the Netherlands?…my guess is more than 50% percent will answer…FIERET.

For the last 2 decades in his lifetime, Fieret led a secluded life, out of the way from ordinary people …feeding his pigeons on a daily basis and making drawings…many many drawings. He even locked himself up for almost a month to decorate an entire room within the Gemeentemuseum with his drawings.

But in the early sixties and seventies his main activity was making photographs. Making them from a very personal perspective and “signing” them with studio stamps all over the photo. Fieret had a keen eye and took his photographs from a different angle and perspective, making them stand out from other photo’s from these decades. Favorite of his were young woman who posed for him and of course many street scenes and thus documenting the sixties in the Netherlands. Since 15 years or so the work of Fieret has been exhibited in other countries outside the Netherlands too. the Deborah Bell gallery showed his works for the first time in the US and this catalogue a.o.  is available at

This is what Gaby Wood said about the first time she encountered the photo by Fieret:

Like most people outside Holland, I had never seen Fieret’s work before, and the Rijksmuseum’s examples are not, it turns out, all that typical. He is best known for his female nudes, but the images I saw were more ethereal. Nevertheless, I was drawn to them immediately: a large, dark print showing a milky-white little girl, blurred almost to the point of abstraction; a faded interior, so fuzzy it bordered on double-exposure; the self-portrait of a bearded man, in a style that looked barely intentional but whose subject seemed full of concentration.

The prints themselves were rough: full-bleed, manhandled and mildewed around the edges; brashly signed in fat-tipped black pen. Some of them had been stamped several times across the front: “Copyright Gerrit Petrus Fieret”, defaced and claimed at the same time. They appeared to have been discarded – not just because of their strange presentation but because they still felt feverish with experiment, as if they were pages torn from a sketchbook, or pictures of memories rather than of actual scenes.

The effect is hard to describe: photography is a realist medium – it’s not supposed to be able to sketch or imagine. But evidently, for a decade beginning in the mid-Sixties, Gerard Fieret’s work did. Looking at it in the museum it was impossible not to wonder: who was this man, and how did his pictures get that way?

I have heard that in the next few years the collection of photographs by Fieret will be travellng all over the world . If i know of dates and venues i will post them on this site.

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Roman Cieslewicz


Another great artist who i forgot to mention in my blog on Topor is Roman Cieslewicz. Cieslewicz was a long time friend of Topor , lived in Paris too and rose to fame in the sixties with his graphic design for Vogue and Elle and the posters he designed for several other events.

For the dutch his work was presented for the first time in the Stedelijk Museum in 1973 . An excellent catalogue designed by Wim Crouwel was published on that occasion. The exhibition showed the strength of this artist, because the main part of the exhibition consisted of poster designs he had made in the previous 20 years.

Cieslewicz is one of those rare artist, who in his life was far less appreciated than in these days. Graphic art students from all over the world have inquired about his books in the last few years, which shows to me his star is on the rise and soon the books on Cieslewicz will become rare collectable items.

catalogue available at

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Tadashi Kawamata

There was a time when i had in my collection an original Tadashi Kawamata. The maquette for the Spui project which was only for a few years in my collection and because there was no place on the walls any longer for it, i decided to sell it through Christie’s. The Maquette was realized some 25 years ago when Kawamata was invited to do a project on the Spui area which was going to be demolished. At that time people did not understand it and even thought it was very ugly, but the remaining photo documentary shows its importance. Kawamata alters the place in a way you are looking differently at it and ….it only lasted a couple of months so nothing remains …except the maquette and the documentary photographs. A fascinating artist which is still present in my inventory of books at

for more info take a look at his own website:



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Roland Topor

I first heard about Topor when i was living in Paris for almost a year. It was one of these artists who was known for his illustrations and not for his Fluxus works. Later on… my idea about his works was reversed and i primarily saw him as a Fluxus artist. There were several times when i could buy his works at auction, but in only one i was successful . The remainder of the Vogtschmidt gallery was auctioned to compensate with gallery Vogtschmidt for the Karel Appels she had sold and not paid for. In the auction i bid a fair amount for a little drawing of an angel and this is still in my collection. Because it is not on the wall i decided to sell it and this made me remember Topor.

There is one Fluxus book you have to be on the look out for… SOUVENIR…  a book with crossed out words so nothing can be read. Published by the Harmonie  in 1975. Topor was the only person in the world who knows which text he had written and crossed out.

Arnon Grunberg made a nice biography ( incl. cd) on Roland Topor which is also for sale so please take a look at the Topor items i currently have available at

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Salvador Dali – ” Fille de Quinze ans “


I have been a long time admirer of Salvador Dali and from the 70’s on ( The Boymans van Beuningen exhibition ) i have been visiting museums with Dali’s in their collections. The Boymans in the Netherland has the largest collection of Dali’s in the Netherlands, but everywhere in the world works can be found. In my youth i had one desire…owning an original Dali. It did not happen until i purchased an etching by the artist and together with an original lithograph, these are still the only works i was able to collect from Dali. The good thing is … i still like them and both are hanging on my walls. The etching FILLE DE QUINZE ANS comes from a series of etchings and was published in an edition of only 150 / signed copies. The paintings by Dali can only be purchased by a few people in the world , but the graphic works are still reasonably cheap to buy, so pick them up whenever you have a chance, but be careful…. there are many counterfeits on the market!

There are some nice books on Dali in my shop at