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Jurriaan Schrofer


Yesterday we ate with our good friend Annemarie Schrofer and because of the beautiful paintings by her father on the walls, i remembered another member of the Schrofer family ……Jurriaan Schrofer.

Born in 1926 and also a child of Annemarie’s father Willem Schrofer he would become one of the leading typography and graphic designers in the Netherlands. His works can be considered as “avant garde” design, thinking “out of the box” and soon he would develop his very own style . He originally wanted to become a film director, but ended being the assistant to Dick Elffers. This was the starting point of a splendid career as a graphic designer. For a few years in the seventies he was a member of Total Design, but soon followed again his own path. Highly original and recognizable are his designs. He was commissioned by many dutch important institutions and was appreciated for the designs he made for them, but his true recognition as one of the leading graphic designers from last century is only 25 years old. His works would become internationally known and appreciated. There now is a high interest in his works from leading British Graphic design schools and recently the same interest comes from the US.

Jurriaan Schrofer books can still be picked up at reasonable prices and for those interested in dutch graphic design, the designs by Schrofer are an absolute and quintessential part in the history of Graphic design and not to be missed in any collection.

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Egon Schiele


My recent visit to Slovania reminded me of our last years visit to Vienna. We collected “Boris” our Irish Glen of Imaal terrier dog with an Austrian breeder and the time we visited her we had a three day chance to visit Vienna with its magnificent Museums.


The museum that struck me most was the Leopold museum with probably the largest Egon Schiele collection in the world. I knew the works from Schiele from different other exhibitions. There was this time, some 10 years ago, we encountered a special Schiele exhibition with his works on paper in the Guggenheim/Bilbao museum and of course the Schiele/Klimt exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, during that exhibition i bought some excellent prints 1:1 with the original works . Schiele an artist with a very short life, but with a large production. Within my inventory i have a Marlborough gallery catalogue which shows that some 40 years ago Schiele works were still widely available and at reasonable prices, but in these crazy ART times it is different and Schiele works fetch high prices at auction.

for my blog readers i put together a special set of Postcards containing works by Schiele for only $ 12.00 including worldwide shipping. Please select the 7 postcards Schiele set and use the discount code:  schiele12 and have a look at my many other Schiele items i have available at

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Slovenia and Modern Art


A few days no daily posting , because of a short holiday in a fascinating country…SLOVENIA. It takes only 2 days to drive there and enjoy one of the most beautiful sceneries in Europe. High mountains, rivers, castles and excellent food. An ideal mixture of ingredients to spent a week and enjoy everything this land has to offer. What about Modern Art…only one museum in Ljublana the MG+MSUM in the museum quarter, which has a nice contemporary art collection. But only 1 block away there is something which is not listed in the guides. A free haven of artists, living and working on approx. 2 ha and functioning like a small community. Paintings and sculptures everywhere and a great place to visit and absorb. Pictures tell a better story than words so i put some photos i took, with this blog. For Modern Art lovers this is not to be missed. So walk away from the centre canal to the North east ( about 15 minutes) and visit this place.

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